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These 3 CEOs Share the Secrets to Achieving Success in the Startup World


With many women-led and owned startups showing face and flourishing in the business world, there are some tricks of the trade to make sure that a company is built to last. But more importantly, there are certain characteristics that women leaders must master to achieve startup success.

To make things straightforward three CEOs from the financial technology field dish out the details.

Establish your credibility within minutes

Believe it or not, Krista Thomas doesn’t have a background in finance but marketing. As the CEO of P2Binvestor since 2012 as well as the co-host of the podcast, “Women Who Startup”, she says, “I often just emphasize my degree, my portfolio growth and put my expertise in context.” Having experienced discrimination first hand, people often don’t believe she has her own financial company and shatters stereotypes by not fitting into their box. However, she also admits portraying a more serious and a less friendly version of herself; though debatable, it has worked for her.

Confidence and assertiveness overcomes bias

Since 2014, Eva Wong has donned the hats of co-founder and chief operating officer at Borrowell and cannot emphasize enough the strength of being confident and assertive; it does help overcome gender bias. Also adding that “I do not pretend to be somebody I am not. I do not pretend I know something I don’t and I ask questions if I am doubtful.” Based in Canada, she has made sure that half of the leadership at Borrowell is made up of women to ensure employees understand the company’s stand on gender diversity. The more the diversity, the better the outcome, is one of her mottos.

Never take “no” for an answer

CEO and chairman of Apple Pie Capital, Denise Thomas believes in being very agile and learning things quickly while also standing out as a female in FinTech. In terms of diversity, she says, “There were 10 men and one woman on my team at first. I had to go with the right person at the right time. But now we have greater diversification and are putting females on our executive team.” But in everything resilience is the key while also urging women to “forge ahead and never take no for an answer.” She also stresses on tapping into employee talent and the power of mentorship as being indispensable to all startups.

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