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These Food Apps Are Literally Making Eating Out Passé



Today, it is quite difficult to imagine life without food apps. Thanks to these portals that we get a smack of the yummy dishes delivered from our favourite eatery, right on our doorstep. It all begun with a handful of startups like Zomato, TinyOwl who stoked the rage for the first time and we found our genie at our finger tips. Back in 2017, we have a flourishing global food app market providing cutting edge features and spoiling us for choice.


The Swiggy app reflects what co-founder and chief executive Sriharsha Majety says on winning the ‘Startup of the Year Award’ by ET, “By sharply focusing on customer experience and getting better at it we have been able to consolidate our gains,”. So, what exactly can you expect from the Swiggy app? Besides offering you a wide bucket of gourmet options, it also allows you to track your order from pick-up to your doorstep. Swiggy has got bigger plans of expanding its fleet of ‘Hunger Saviours’ as well as going for ‘cloud kitchens’.


With the many food delivery apps, each trying to outwit the other by offering unique features, Foodler’s winning stroke is its mode of payment. While the others are accepting major credit cards, Paypal, and Apple Pay, Foodler accepts two additional payment kinds, Bitcoins and Foodbler Bucks. It also offers an in-built rewards system by which you can win a free meal. The app helps you with your dining experience like recommending dishes, group ordering and much more. Foodler operates in 4000 cities in the US.


Just as its name, the app is super easy to use and is stacked up with great features. It not only allows you to scour a wide variety of restaurants and menus on its platform, but offers you facilities like refilling your plate through Express Reorder, placing order from two hours to up to four days in advance, as well as tracking your order all the way. For payment, you can use Android Pay, PayPal, Seamless eGift Card or credit card. Seamless delivers in 600 cities in the US.

Here are some more players with global presence like UberEATS, Deliveroo, FoodPanda. So, now wherever you go, these food apps are there to guide you on your culinary adventures.

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