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This Exercise Has Been Touted as the Miracle Drug of Fitness by Science


There is no one who doesn’t want to boost their mood, health, brain power and memory, and you can now get all of this and more by just getting your body moving. According to Harvard Medical School, aerobic exercise plays a significant role in boosting the health of your brain.

Significantly improved foggy ‘chemo brain’ of cancer survivors

To avail the benefits of aerobic exercise it must be done for approximately 45 minutes on a regular basis. New to aerobic exercise? Well, what does it entail? Any exercise that increases your heart rate and gets you sweating for a prolonged amount of time is simply perfect. The Mind and Mood blog created by Harvard Medical School says that “Aerobic exercise is the key for your head, just as it is for your heart”. This study was also conducted on hundreds of breast cancer survivors who underwent chemotherapy; they wanted to see if aerobic exercise had any effect on “chemo brain”. It is not uncommon that many chemotherapy patients experience memory loss and difficulty in focusing. With this exercise, patients who exercised every day felt significantly less tired and could better participate in quizzes rather than those who did little to none.

Even 30 minutes of exercise can make a big difference

Assistant professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Ozioma Okonkwo said, “Back in the day, the majority of exercise studies focused on the parts of the body from the neck down, like the heart and lungs. But now we are finding that we need to go north, to the brain, to show the true benefits of a physically active lifestyle on an individual.” Exercise might also help cut down the risk of Alzheimer’s while also assisting the body in managing glucose levels. Moreover, even exercising for just 30 minutes a day combining both aerobic and resistance exercise, made a huge difference in the brain.

However, before taking on any form of exercise, always remember to consult your physician and or orthopaedic professional to make sure aerobic exercise is right for you and your all set to go.

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