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This Research Reveals the Unexpected Factors That Make Women So Intelligent



Whether it’s being tagged the ‘Fairer Sex’ or being called overly emotional, women have to deal with all sorts of branding from people. But, what about being intelligent, which is something that always beats every other comment or compliment? A recent study conducted by TalentSmart proves that a certain kind of intelligence gives women the upper hand. Can you guess what it is?

Heart over mind, matters

Though IQ is something that all human beings hold across the board, EQ or emotional intelligence is something that is of high value and proves to be very beneficial to women. This factor is absolutely necessary at the work place and many people wrongly think otherwise. EQ plays a 58% role in the performance of employees across professional fields and believe it or not, 90% of all high achievers and performers have a high degree of EQ. While many believe that being emotionally unavailable in life maybe the secret to success, and even more so at the workplace, this is just not true. In fact, having a high-level of emotional intelligence is often the secret to success, professionally.

The equality of self-awareness

One may easily accuse men saying that they are notorious for not being in tune with their emotions, but this cannot be further from the truth. Though men may paint a picture of being emotionless, studies show that they share an equal measure of self-awareness with women. Looks like the secret is out! Meanwhile, women also scored high in the social-awareness category which makes them great at understanding other people’s emotions and more importantly, body language. However, there was one area where women scored less, but only ever so slightly, in the sphere of self-management. This is a factor which puts one’s emotions into action and studies show that women, generally speaking, have lesser control over their emotions, and men better.

But, determinants like these always come down to childhood upbringing according to gender and the positive or negative reinforcements that come with it. So, it’s not a point of any argument at all!


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