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What Made Farzana Suri Quit a 17-year Career in Advertising to Become a Victory Coach



Growing up aspiring to become a nurse to make people happy with their lives, Farzana Suri realised that the universe made her wish come true since her current job is to help people discover their happiest selves. A self-professed victory coach, she quit her career in advertising after 17 years to pursue this purposeful profession.

Uses a variety of techniques to evaluate clients

Using graphology, numerology, Neuro-linguistic technology and counseling she gauges the personality of her clients to understand their strengths and weaknesses while encouraging them to lead a life of positivity and purpose. She says, “We all come into this world with a divine purpose with unique gifts and talents that allow us to be purposeful and fulfilled in our own distinct way. When we are living in alignment and anchored to our core values and purpose, we inherently experience joy and fulfilment and begin to create abundance within our world.” As a poster child for optimism, she also works as a consultant for various organisations to boost employee productivity, motivation and confidence, which not only benefits the person but also the organisation. In addition to this, the person is able to handle life with wisdom and ease; come what may.

Avoiding self-doubt and negativity is essential to growth

On how people can tap into their passion and potential, she advises that people must understand that they always have a choice in every circumstance. Also, people should never undermine themselves, since it soon turns into a habit which becomes difficult to shake off. Rather, they should try to be optimistic and have more self-belief in their own personality and abilities. Surprisingly, her background in advertising has played a huge role in her profession as a life coach, saying, “Advertising teaches you a lot about people. To design advertising campaigns and strategies we had to understand the consumer. Now I do a similar research to understand a person, so that experience has certainly helped me in developing these observational skills.”

Although a career as a life-coach may still be a niche profession, people like Farzana Suri have proved time and again that it is more than a profession, it is investing in people’s lives. Is there anything more fulfilling than this?

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