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Why Daisy Tanwani’s Pinklay is the Ultimate Pitstop for a Pinterest-worthy Home



From quirky hand-painted animal figurines to gorgeous brass-plated tea light holders, Pinklay has everything you need to decorate your beautiful home. With unique, handmade pieces that celebrate Indian skills in handicrafts with all its colourful variety, Pinklay works with local artisans in India to create these lovely items.

An entrepreneurial discussion over dinner sparked the business

Launched in 2015, Pinklay was started by Daisy Tanwani, her husband and a few of their friends, fuelled by Daisy’s passion for handicrafts. Interestingly, over dinner at a restaurant with their friends, the couple were discussing their entrepreneurial aspiration which was a dream of Daisy’s since a very long time. After, Daisy said, “We only talk, we don’t do anything.”, it gave them that push to just do something about it. They were so charged up that they immediately took a break from their respective jobs for a trip to Rajasthan. It may have been an impulsive decision in the eyes of people, but this trip would forever change their lives.

The mesmerizing beauty of Indian handicrafts

Meeting with local designers and craftsmen gave them a new insight into their work. They were absolutely bewitched by the handmade items and it was really a shame that no big brands gave them the exposure or a fair price for their products. Seeing the condition, Pinklay was born at that very moment. Beginning with just a small team at first, Daisy started the business and today with its successes they are working with hundreds of artisans through fair trade methods.

How Pinklay got its name

She wanted to create a good name for the brand that represents her and the business too, she says, “Whichever field I would have started up in, even if it was a brand consultancy firm, Pink Clay would have been the chosen name. Since the name was not available in the .com domain, I mashed up the two words.” Born and raised in Jaipur, called The Pink City, Pinklay evokes the spirit of her local city and its culture. Currently, they have expanded into accessories, home decor and kids items as well and the Mumbai-based company has become a hit with countless people. She does have some advice for potential entrepreneurs, “I think things worked out for me because I didn’t have a plan B. I was patient for months when there were hardly any orders. Trust yourself with your dreams— castles are not built overnight.”

Recognizing local artisans

With their fair trade practices, the company ensures that none of the items involve child labour and exploitation of women. They carefully examine the working conditions of their artisans to make sure they match up to the standards of the industry. Though their products are truly handmade, with over 70% of the item made by hand, it takes time and effort to create them. But, when their work is appreciated and given a fair price, it does mean the world to the artisans. She says, “This is to enable them to live and earn with dignity. I am very proud of this tiny yet transformational part of the business.” Pinklay is part of many exhibitions in Mumbai and apart from making sales through their online store, they sold items worth 4 lakhs at the Lil Flea festival in Bandra in 2016.

Today, their products are representing the beauty of Indian handicrafts in the most honourable way and the brand will surely become top dog in the handicrafts industry.


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