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Why is Priyanka Chopra being judged?



A woman is always under scrutiny for her physical appearances, whatever her talent and achievements. The length of her dress to the way she talks to the way she conducts herself, everything is being watched. From legs during the Modi meet to the Holocaust Memorial selfie with brother, Priyanka Chopra stirred up the internet during her visit to Berlin for the promotions of her Hollywood movie, Baywatch. She found herself in the midst of two controversies — while one she responded with sass, the other she accepted was a miss on her part. And that was just a reminder  all that confidence to stand up for oneself and humility to accept one’s mistakes is what makes her a true talented professional.

A global superstar is not somebody who should be told what to wear or what not to wear, when she has literally built her empire brick by brick. During her Berlin visit she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was on his four-nation tour. The reaction that the dress she wore got was a clear exhibit of our regressive thinking. Legs? Really? Is that all that the people saw in the picture? Nobody saw that she is the star who is globally recognized for her work? It is extremely sad that in the name of pseudo – culture,  people leave no chance to demean a woman. As her response to this, Priyanka Chopra posted another picture with her mother, where both of them are showing off their legs and the caption said “Legs for the day”.  She was called a ‘desperate American’ who ‘doesn’t know how to dress’ and was subject to unrestrained trolling.

The other controversy where Priyanka Chopra with her brother, clicked selfies in front of Holocaust Memorial and posted them. Though it is a tourist spot, people are supposed to respect the fact that the place had Jews tortured and buried under Hitler’s regime. Priyanka Chopra did take down those pictures immediately after she realized it wasn’t appropriate and realized that she had possibly hurt sentiments.

While it is important that stars carry their public image with caution and be careful about what they are seen to be saying and doing, it is equally imperative that regressive mindsets are not allowed to catch the fancy of a nation. Women, in specific, are seen to be at the receiving end of such acerbic outbursts which is nothing short of insulting the talent she possesses.


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