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Why Social Media Marketing is Just as Important for Startups


Woman At Work talks to Trupti Deshmukh and Kunal Bajaj from Buzzfactory, a 360-degree social media & digital marketing  agency that partners with businesses to spearhead strategy & execution of their social media & digital initiatives with operations in California, USA, and Pune, India. Kunal and Trupti work with startups and new ventures to enable them to accelerate through digital. Read about their take on why social media is crucial for startups.

As a startup, who is always tight on budgets and hungry for customers, finding scalable platforms to reach out to potential target customers is very crucial. In this era of digital and smart, digital marketing is the buzzword.

Digital Marketing is a broad term used for reaching and engaging current and potential clients over smart gadgets and the internet. Today this term is highly dominated by search marketing.  In terms of quality of leads, search marketing still ranks higher as compared to other platforms. But as a startup,  one would discover that you  cannot wait for the blessings of Google so that you can start ranking for queries of potential target customers or spend on ads which burn your money at the speed of light.  So a push strategy needs to become an integral part of one’s marketing plans where one can directly reach out to customers at affordable costs and showcase the venture’s offerings to friends and followers.

Social Media  is a buzzword among entrepreneurs. Everyone is excited (sometimes unrealistically) to be on social media but very few understand how to leverage it for achieving business objectives. Many people we meet are under the impression that creating a page will give exposure to billions of users on Facebook. But that understanding is not accurate.  People who are on Facebook connect with their friends, families and share what they are eating and are feeling happy and sad about.  They don’t go there to look for advertisements. Social Media is challenging but once you crack the code, the sky is the limit. For those who have been there, gains have come in terms of a number of  customers moving from zero to 1000 within a short span of time. If you are a startup or thinking of starting up, here are some quick tips to leverage Social Media in a smart way.

Why Social Media

Brand Recognition – Social media has higher brand recognition and recall value as most of the content shared is visual. An active social media presence improves the visibility of the brand or company.

Affordable – Social Media is free, well, most of it. You don’t have to invest money in creating a presence but you should always have a budget to reach out to more targeted customers beyond your network with paid advertisements. The cost is still affordable and results can be tracked through analytics.

How to leverage social media positively

Launch before you Launch – If you are planning to launch some service or product,  make sure you start spreading the word out on social media even before you launch. It will help you to build traction and get people excited before the actual launch.

Story Telling – Human beings love stories. Communicate in the form of stories on social platforms, whether it’s a testimonial of a current customer or launch of a product line. Zomato will always be our benchmark of how a startup should do social.

Analytics and Return On Investment  – Lot of entrepreneurs become obsessed with the metric called reach. Whereas reach is important but real success comes with revenues. So start tracking early and tweak your strategy by studying analytics on a weekly basis

Conversation – Focus on creating a conversation with the audience instead of just posting. Social Media is a two-way medium. You can start a conversation and engage them in their services or products.

Things to watch for

Wrong Platforms – Identify the right platform for your business. Social Media is not Facebook. If you are in B2B domain,  LinkedIn could be your first priority as compared to Facebook or Twitter. Don’t waste your time and money on platforms which won’t give you any returns.

Don’t Spam – Users are on social media, not to be bombarded by advertisements. Give users an experience instead of direct selling.

Automation – Humans love humans, not robots.  Don’t automate your content on social media. It’s all about starting a conversation instead of random publishing

Irrelevancy – The audience will be part of your community as long as you are providing them relevant content. Don’t post random stuff just to be in the news.

For businesses today, with over a billion people connected online and their interactions driven by this digital realm, getting their social act right is critical.


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