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Why the Work Culture at Netflix is Setting the Norm for Professional Values


Powerhouse online streaming site, Netflix has become a frontrunner for showcasing some of the best shows like Stranger Things and the like. However, more recently, the company has also been making waves for its exemplary work culture that is encouraging employees in their professional growth. Could their openness and inclusivity be the secret behind its success?

Values include honesty and integrity

Tracy Wright, director of global content operations has been very outspoken about the culture at Netflix and explains how employees are schooled on the core values of the company from day one. Whether it’s the way employees interact with one another socially or professionally, an “open and candid culture” helps improve their already great atmosphere. Being part of Netflix for about 10 years, Wright says, ” I’d spent one year at a studio before. And the culture was different. It wasn’t that open, candid. And when I was looking to go elsewhere, I read the values on the Netflix website. And it was honesty. We call it integrity now.” Reading the values reassured her that this was the place she needed to be a part of. But, the most important aspect that she discovered was that questioning the norm and speaking up was encouraged in the offices.

There are no set career paths for employees

Having strong role models in the VPs, she felt comfortable speaking her mind and immediately knew that she would truly grow here. Interestingly, Netflix does not have a specific, formal program for women or diversity, rather, the working environment already feeds these without making it an overt thing. Wright adds, “We are an innovative, high-performance culture that values ‘stunning colleagues’. I think people naturally raise the bar for themselves on what they want to achieve here. And people feel empowered and emboldened to go try that.” Also, having no cut out career paths for its employees, they are instead encouraged to switch gears and follow their passion. As a leader, she regularly taps into the potential of people, often discovering some new skill within them.

Hence, what Netflix has accomplished until today has been something that other firms must follow, making the working world a healthier place.

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