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Young Entrepreneur Cynthia Ndubuisi Blends Business With Purpose



This 25-year-old Nigerian businesswoman is committed to using innovative ideas to tackle social issues in her homeland. Winner of the 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow, Cynthia Ndubuisi, launched her start-up, KPC. KPC is an automated food service that processes and packages cassava consumable products 200% faster than current manual, time-intensive and inefficient systems. Her objective is to enable poor women farmers earn better livelihoods. It was also a personal call that drove her to find a real-time solution for cassava farmers who are mostly women.

She has first-hand experience of cassava farming as she grew up with her aunt who was a cassava farmer. Hence, she had felt the hardships of the time-consuming and laborious process. “We were constantly stressed by cassava peeling, back-breaking processing of cassava and at times suffered economic losses when our health failed.” She said. Since then, Ndubuisi wanted to bring a change that would ease out the process and alleviate the daily travails of the farmers. Goaded by the mission “to create a future where female farmers are healthy and economically empowered in a sustainable environment”, she developed KPC.

KPC promises to have an extensive impact not only in improving the life of the farmers but also in reducing environmental pollution. Ndubuisi has strategically planned her start-up to clear up the mess that other processes failed to perform. Nigeria gathers over 5million tonnes of cassava waste which is either disposed away or burnt. KPC, on the other hand, will be utilizing cassava waste or peels as fodder for cattle, thus, adopting environment sustainability measures.

As to how exactly Ndubuisi’s KPC will offer better opportunity for the female farmers, the young lady says that due to the new system offered by KPC, women can process the cassava in 4 hours instead of 4 days, exchange the waste  for 20% processing fee discount with KPC and can visit the market more often as well as sell large amount in less time.

KPC is not Ndubuisi’s maiden venture. She started her entrepreneurial journey with Ever Glow dish wash liquid, a non-toxic, plant-derived and biodegradable liquid soap which soon caught the attention of venture capitalists and bar soap manufacturers. But it was always the cassava project that the lady wanted to realise.  

This young entrepreneur now has her vision set on transforming lives through her unique and meaningful enterprise.

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