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Youtube Celebrity And Travel Vlogger Nadine Sykora Shares What Millennial Travellers Are After



She was studying computer engineering and was pretty much bogged down by the load of academics when she decided, why not bring some comic relief with a dash of creativity in her life! She started creating fun comedy videos in her dorm. By the time she completed her graduation she was all ready to slip into her traveller’s shoes and wander around the world for a year before getting back to a normal life with a regular job. But this era has great things in store for an adventurous soul, and Nadine Sykora became a Youtube celebrity travel blogger within that one year.

She got herself a working holiday visa in New Zealand, took her video camera and recorded her travel adventures. Travel vlogging had yet not turned into a fad and Nadine’s videos gained immense popularity on Youtube. Thus, from being a computer engineer Nadine changed track and embarked on her unique career journey. Today, she has culled considerable experience in travelling and is quite a travel guru in the know of the nitty gritty of travelling and the millennial travellers.

According to her, the perception of travelling has changed with time. Today, most of the avid travellers belong to the age group of 18 to 35 years, or the millennials who want to explore the world and are looking for deeper and more authentic experiences. And this is one of the reasons that Nadine’s audience are millennials  “I appeal mainly to the millennial audience…because youth travelers are increasingly looking to go out and experience the world for themselves”.

Nadine also throws light on the nature of young travellers and how they approach travelling. With the rise of solo travelling, have emerged other factors like safety, security, loneliness etc that one cannot but take in serious account. Hence, some prefer to travel in groups for solo travellers which gives them opportunity to be in the company of same age people, make friends, while some prefer AirBnb experiences.

But there’s something more, Nadine points out, that’s causing this budding trend, “They want more unique things. They’re not looking for the huge, mega resort, all inclusive, where everything is taken care of…and what I like to call, “gives it that Instagram-worthy value,” because social media is a huge part of travel, and a very high percentage of millennials are on at least one social network.”

Be it an immersive feel, shared economy model, bespoke offers or cutting edge technology, the travel industry seems to be trying out all kinds of genres to please and serve the curious millennials.

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